Punitive Law

Today, Punitive Law is not limited to Penal Law, otherwise known as Criminal Law. There also exists administrative or regulatory wrong doings and Torts.

We are all aware of fines and additional penalties and fines due to road traffic offences, environmental breaches and torts, offences against the economy, public health offences, stock markets etc. These penalties and fines are there to assist the legislator to deter and repress risk behaviour and identify risks and its potential damage.

The procedures which impose fines and penalties are complex and require the services of a qualified legal professional. Firstly there is a compulsory administrative stage which is followed by a second optional judicial phase.

Any citizen or entity involved in these proceedings has a broad right to intervene and seek legal remedy. There is a Right to be Heard and the Right of Defence. These rights are protected in order to prevent the justice system from capitulating to inequity and arbitrariness and to prevent reasonableness from being replaced by excess and or unfairness.

Therefore, it is important to seek professional legal advice and to be assisted by an honourable, efficient and committed Lawyer.