International and European Law and International Judicial Cooperation in Civil and Criminal Matters

We live in the era of globalization, new technologies and the internet. Within the Schengen area there are no barriers. We buy our plane ticket on the web, we check-in online and we get on and off board at our destination without any interference from state authorities whatsoever. We buy and sell at a distance. We are anywhere on the globe and the world is within reach at the distance of a simple mouse click and a screen. This freedom has become taken for granted in such a way that it is often underestimated.

The wonderful world of free movement, above all within the European Union, has made it possible: the Erasmus programmes, the movement of workers and service providers, international business, low cost flights which provide pleasant short stays at state capitals, summer vacation sites or winter sports locations, etc. But what is the legal relevance of globalization? And what is the role of the lawyer in this globalized world?

The Portuguese situation is even more striking. In addition to the European Union, the close relations with the Member-States of the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries also facilitate the free movement of people, capital, goods, services and international business. This is a century-old tradition of exchange of people, culture and business, as well as of emigration and immigration which made us at home with foreign contact.

There is an increase in the movement of people and the number of legal situations with international connections. New advantageous situations such as e-commerce arise, as well as dangerous ones, such as cybercrime. It is necessary to determine the law that governs those situations, since it may not be the Portuguese law. They may be governed by the law of a foreign country or even by a law stemming from an international or supranational organization. Therefore it is necessary to be able to face such problems immediately or to know exactly who can assist. These are also areas in which we specialize and are able to provide direct legal assistance in Portuguese, English, German, French and Spanish. With the assistance of interpreters and translators we are also able to provide our services to clients and companies in other languages, such as Arabic, Chinese, Italian, Japanese and Russian. Moreover, we have a vast network of contacts abroad, which ensures a direct, simple, swift and cost-effective way ahead.