Human Rights

We focus on people

The Law is often misunderstood as being limited to property rights. Mostly it appears limited to the law of obligations, property law, leases or the law of succession. But even within these branches of law the defence of the person’s rights is often neglected. This is why we highlight in the first place the rights of each individual person, family rights, young persons’ rights and rights of the elderly and disabled persons.

These days, real life can be brutal and merciless, due to the fast-paced developments all around us, as well as to the pressure of the circumstances, the cooling down of relationships and lack of time and the requirements and pressures of an active professional life are all added risks. Family relationships deteriorate and problems arise. Accidents occur and misfortune more and more makes persons liable and creates victims. Age comes along with difficulties, fragility and incapacity.

In order to be able to handle these issues, you cannot always count on common sense and the state is not always there to assist the wrong person. Moreover, others do not always take responsibility for their own actions. In these cases, the intervention of law becomes necessary and resorting to the courts becomes a necessity.

Consequently, the lawyer is an indispensable person who helps you understanding your rights better and exercise your legal prerogatives by adequately intervening in an extrajudicial solution if possible or, if necessary, assisting you with the filing of a legal proceedings and supporting you throughout the judicial procedure. That’s life!

However, one of the most important things in life is to avoid being in a vulnerable position and being alone at difficult times and in times of suffering, during crisis, in times of weakness and of conflict and within situations of incapacity. Contact a good lawyer, seek advice. Any issue can be resolved or dealt with rigorously, properly and seriously, regardless of the difficulties or sensitiveness.